Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Messy alive

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I'm alive. I want to continue. I'm going to continue. When? I don't know. Maybe soon?
I'm stressed. I always am. I'm busy but I'm lazy. I'm paranoid. I'm bipolar. I'm a mess.

But I am alive.

Estoy viva. Quiero seguir. Voy a seguir. ¿Cuándo? No sé. Tal vez pronto?
Estoy estresada. Siempre lo estoy. Estoy ocupada pero soy vaga. Soy paranoica. Soy bipolar. Soy un desastre.

Pero estoy viva.

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Just remember this when you want to throw away all your things and run away.
Keep calm and eat cupcakes.

Because when the forense perform me an autopsy, there will be cupcakes in my stomach.

Sólo recuerda esto cuando quieras deshacerte de todas tus cosas y huir.
Mantén la calma y come pastelitos.

Porque cuando el forense me realice una autopsia, habrá pastelitos en mi estómago.


coco said...


Stylin' said...

I love Cupcakes and Starbucks :D

Butterflied said...

Tú estarás viva, pero me vas a matar a mí con esas cosas tan ricas... *_*

J a v i ~ aquamarine said...

Que rico, como no estar vivas con tantas cosas yummy jajaja

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Suuuuuuper yummy!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I love this: Keep calm and eat cupcakes. This will be my new motto now!!!

Boris said...

tienes que relajarte Yoli y no estresarte tanto.
esos pastelitos tienen muy buena pinta jeje

Jannie said...

Wow. The frappuccinos and cupcake all look yummy. :)

Necole said...

Great post and great advice!! Me gusto mucho!!:)

Me-Hi Mary Kim said...

the starbucks and cupcake look so yummy! nom nom ^-^

Vivian said...

Yummy! That cupcake looks so good!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment & visiting my blog. I'm now following your lovely blog and I would love it if you can follow me back, thanks! :)
Have a fabulous day!
xo Vivian

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JayDee said...

I love cupcakes. I am actually going to make my husbands favourite for Valentines day lol! Red Velvets!

TamaraChloe said...

such a cute blog,love it!!! thanx for your comment on miy blog xo!!

Miss fashionmix said...

So many yummy pics:))) Thank you for your nice comment! I'm your new follower!